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A lift kit raises the height of your truck or SUV. With greater ground clearance, your truck will see improved off-roading performance.  Most lift kits retain the factory steering and ride quality, and allow you to add larger tires for crawling over rocks and rough terrain.  Leveling kits give your truck a level look, eliminating that factory rake, and allowing for slightly larger tires at times.

Why Lift Your Truck?

Maybe you need more ground clearance for off-roading activities, or maybe you just like the way a lifted truck looks.  Regardless of your reason, we can help you get more distance between you and the pavement today.

Come see us today for a free consultation.  We can help you choose the right lift to fit the bigger tires you want and get your truck looking like it's ready for the deepest mudhole in the woods.  

A free wheel alignment is included with all lift / level kit installation, to help keep your truck driving like new.

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